Greetings, thank you for visiting LATENIGHTCRAVINGS.COM. This is my second attempt at running this blog (“blog”…errggh!). Call it a reboot if you will, either way I’ve spent entirely too much time trying to craft this re-introduction post. I was working towards something clever and humorous, short and direct while subtly dropping pieces of my brain matter without giving a bullet point laundry list of characteristics. Striving for perfection I was, until I realized it was around 8:00 and that’s when I rearrange my sock drawer.

I plotted a Star Wars reference somewhere (DOB 1970 – that fan). I planned to highlight my affinity for Batman with a footnote that I’m not into comic books but was hooked by Christopher Nolan’s reboot with his Dark Knight trilogy. I even considered playing up the reboot concept itself and explain that this is not a mediocre retooling of Spider-Man, then liken it to said Batman reboot. In fact I wrote this post in an unrecognizable and exceedingly raspy voice despite the fact that I am not Batman. Or-am-I?

In any case, I thought the aforementioned anecdotes would clearly indicate my obsession with film. These details would be followed by revealing that I am blessed with an awesome wife and three kids…who are all absolute angels. And, while I like many genres of music (including classical, but not country), I’m a metalhead at the core and eagerly seek opportunities to be surrounded by other suburbanites at traffic lights whilst my kids are piled in the mini-van as growling vocals, distorted guitars and double bass pedals thrust through the open windows.

Last but not least, I’d finally point out that I’m a believer. Yes…a metalhead and a Jesus freak! To the best of my ability I would then summarize all of the above with the hope that it would never read as self-indulgent; I don’t talk to hear myself talk and I don’t write just so people can read my thoughts. I’d rather my audience of 3.5 know that I crave to write in order to squash the appetite to rip my restless gut out of my stomach. Then I questioned, is “…rip my restless gut out of my stomach” too graphic? My gut told me, “No, it is not!”

To avoid succumbing to my addiction of mental self-dissection, compartmentalized perfectionism and procrastination I eventually made the wise decision to take a break from reworking this post to do some much needed research…on Facebook. And boy did it pay off. It was there that I came across this little gem –



I started to peek into the mirror but stopped at the last second – I didn’t want to see the red splotch reality left on my cheek. But with the slap I acknowledged that I had wasted several days complicating a simple, short and sweet post. A few sentences to share my faith and my penchant for film. Some text to denote that my ears are tickled (or flicked) by heavy metal while driving my children around in a suburban assault vehicle. And then a summary would wrap things up with a subtly verbose statement (a what?) explaining that while writing is therapy, I chose to release it on the “Internets” for humans to find on “The Google” with the hopeful byproduct of inducing a spectrum of results ranging from a chuckle to inspiring someone to win a Nobel Peace Prize.

With all of that being said, I again welcome you to the grand re-opening of LATENIGHTCRAVINGS.COM. For now, please pardon the dust of the Dream Builders as this attraction is still under construction. But check back regularly to read the words I put together to form sentences and paragraphs. Peruse the passages my bloody and calloused fingers type within the bubble of suburbia. Discover the mind-blowing accounts of our trek with God or delight in a dessert recipe I may share…or probably not. Gloriously bask in the random musings of a musical composition that reminded me of 1995, a movie review or a reflection of my aversion to cats. Marvel with hypnotic awe as your eyes feast upon a historic retelling of the soap operas that play out on our neighborhood’s Facebook page. Whether a daytime human or nocturnal, you may freely make frequent trips to my pantry – its door is open and stocked with Jesus, metal and other latenight cravings. I’m breaking all the blog rules (because there is such a thing)…I’m just that insane and rebellious.

Peace…and forgive me!

Author: erock7100

Writer of Stuff!!!

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